It’s our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our Wedding Anniversary.. It’s been 21 years.


No Bells and Whistles.. Just another day, like any other. Being Working Owners of a Restaurant, there aren’t any day offs for Anniversaries..

We planned to do breakfast but I had a bevy of calls this morning, so my day began early with emails and scheduling of clients. Plus we had to go shopping for the restaurant, so breakfast turned into a Sushi Lunch Date, which inevitably got cancelled..

Most Folks in this industry know what that’s like. I’m lucky to be with him but some Significant Others, usually spend the evening by themselves until their Chef gets home..

Hopefully, we can close a little early tonight and go grab a drink before heading home. Tomorrow night on our day off, maybe we will go somewhere nice for dinner..

Here’s to all of you. Remember we chose this marriage, we chose this life, so no crying over spilt milk.. Just enjoy the fact that you made it to another year without getting divorced or separated.. Cause being married to a chef is not always as wonderful as it sounds and we know a few couples who can’t say there are at this stage.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHEF!!!! 1 <3 you