Day 3 – The Tough Decision

Hey There

Hoping everyone is trying their best to Self-Distance. I actually like the term, it seems to lessen the blow that indeed you are becoming isolated. I scroll through Instagram and see Business after Business in my Industry trying to keep positive in their posts, I know they’re not okay, because I’m not.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Today I’ve made the decision to email my April Clients to just let them know that we would love to host them and while Chef and I are doing all we can to stay healthy, it doesn’t look like there might be a lift on the ban of gatherings. Why even hold on in this time of unknown, when we can just begin to look forward.

I’ve already moved some events to July. So hopefully I can get other Clients to move their dates. After surviving this Virus Situation and believe me, we will, it will be a time to celebrate. Celebrate that Baby that was born during quarantine, celebrate that wedding proposal during quarantine, celebrate your Dad’s 75th Birthday because guess what, we survived. Weddings Couples are a special bunch but here’s my advice: I know that for some of you this is literally the biggest day of your life (I remember the biggest day of my life was cutting my Crystal Gayle length hair without the approval of my parents) O_o *flashback sorry; i’m back..

Weddings are supposed to mean that you have made a decision to be with one person through thick and thin. You can still get married, enjoy that person. Think of all the fun you can have in quarantine LOL. The Wedding Reception does not define that Union. The Reception was meant to have everyone around you celebrate YOU as a Couple. This can occur months after. Just think about it. Don’t stress because you need to cancel your Wedding RECEPTION.

I am married to my Best Friend, My Strength and Support, My Drinking Partner and my Personal Chef *wink*

I know (I hope) my fellow Industry Members are allowing you to change your date. I don’t even think “allow” is the right term, we are helping you move forward. We are all in this together (says my inner Sharpay voice). We are not trying to cheat you, we are not being heartless, in fact, we are beseeching you to be understanding in our own silent way.

Oh My! I can talk on and on. Forgot that my original post idea was going to be a bit more sombre, talking about me not having Events in April either, hence no income BUT I have no control over this. My biggest hurdle right now is figuring out money and to be honest, if my landlord or my vendors don’t understand that I just don’t have it, then it’s on them.

I am trying to keep sane. Just happy that I have a reason to begin writing again.

Thanks for reading