Father’s Day in Our Kitchen

My Chef works hard. He eats, drinks, breathes and sleeps his job. Being Married to a Chef, this is an annoying trait but being part owner of a growing business, I am thankful..

On Father’s Day we close the Restaurant. My Chef needs time off, needs to feel special and since most people BBQ or have family gatherings on this day, our decision was justified.

Over the years, we’ve alternated between US Open Golf and Fishing, his two loves.¬†However, with our work schedules as hectic as it is, we both wanted an easy day. Decided on Brunch with the kids. (That’s a whole other story), then we planned to go to the Zoo. It was closed by the time we got there, so Central Park it was. LOL Turns out having a day with no plans was the best well spent full day we’ve had in a long time. Happy Father’s Day to my Chef and all the Working Dads out there.

Hugs D