Caterers Beware

What do you do when a potential Client places an order of a perishable item but decides not to accept it?  Customers always asks why we take payment upfront. It is for this reason. There are many behind-the-scenes factors which affect your Catering Order.

I had a Client call to order Lechon, Whole Suckling Pig. I placed the order with the Meat Market. An irreversible order, might I add.  I could have charged her for a larger pig but we wait until we pickup so we can charge for the exact size. I reached out via email asking for a deposit, to which the client never responded. We picked up the pig.  I called and the client refused to answer. Did not return calls or emails.

It is quite sad by the way because an action of one affects the many!

Why place an order for something you do not want. So this is why I take payments upfront.

So here we are stuck with a Pig. Guess what we’re taking to PotLuck with the family next week. LOL