Catering for NYCATA – Artworks 2014

Today we had an Off-Premise Catering for New York City Art Teachers Association (UFT). It is a day dedicated to the Art Teachers, completed with seminars and vendors within the Art Education Environment.. The Event was held at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan..

We Catered Breakfast and Hot Lunch for 225 participants..

We’ve were up at 5:30am to get the coffee going (one reason we disliked catering breakfasts haha), slice bagels, drive into city, set up by 8:00am..

Get back to Forest Hills, prep the hot food, pack up Food, Beverages, papergoods, more coffee O_o and drive back to city for service at 12:00noon. Must say, there was a bunch of swearing along the way due to the ever popular NYC traffic.. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE DO; THIS IS WHAT WE LOVE… That last minute adrenaline pumps and it’s an amazing feeling..

Got it all done!! Got back to store. Opened for dinner at 5:00pm and a private party at 7:30pm… phew!! Our lives are anything but boring

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