What you should know if you’re planning a City Hall Wedding

Gathered the following information while researching for Our New Website www.CityHallWeddingReception.com Just thought I'd share here in case you're planning a City Hall Wedding.

Information collected from The City of New York, Office of the City Clerk
Their Website: www.cityclerk.nyc.gov

General Information:
A NYS marriage license is valid for 60 days. I believe that for Active Military it is valid for 180 days). You may apply online, which is suggested, as this will inform you of necessary documents eg: divorce papers from previous marriage etc. 
Please enter your information accurately. Print paperwork and take with you to City Clerk's Office to obtain your license.
Please note: License can only be used in The State of New York

Ceremony information at The Office of The City Clerk:
Most important!! You must wait a full 24 hours from the time your marriage license is issued before a marriage ceremony can be performed.
The Fee for the marriage ceremony performed in any Offices of the City Clerk is $25.00.
Marriage Ceremonies are performed on a first come first served basis. They are done during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 3:45pm. At least one witness over the age of 18 must be present with valid photo identification, at the marriage ceremony.
After your marriage ceremony, your marriage certificate will be immediately issued to you.

Ceremony Off-Site:
Apply and received your Marriage License as stated above and wait a full 24 hours before your marriage ceremony. Present your marriage license to your marriage officiant.
Please NOTE: Any Marriage Officiant who performs a marriage in any of the boroughs of New York City must be REGISTERED with the Office of the City Clerk. **Very Important!
The marriage officiant will fill in the necessary information on the marriage license and mail it to The Office of the City Clerk within 5 days of marriage ceremony. A marriage certificate will then be mailed to the address indicated on your marriage application..

CLOSEST City Clerk's Location and Business Hours to My Kitchen:
120-55 Queens Boulevard, Room G-100
Kew Gardens, NY 11424
(718) 286-2829
Monday thru Friday from 8:30am - 3:45pm