Halloween 2014

OK! So I may have under-played just how much I LOVE Halloween.. The best part is that Chef got into it this year with me. He worked on the Cauldron (which became the hit of the evening) and he even spent a good part of the evening outside with me chatting with the kids..
We had such a blast!!! The kids (and parents) got a real kick out of the Witch’s Brew Cauldron. I guess I should mention that Chef added spiders, centipedes and chicken feet to the brew… A greater part of the evening was spent taking photos with the kids.. Again, so so much fun..
Went through 300pcs of Candy tonight and ran out.. May have to up the ante next year…
Well hoping everyone had a wonderful Halloween..
PS: Chef Baby is out partying it up.. Grrrr!! Parenting sucks.. LOL

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