Family Meal

No, it’s not what you think.. Grandma and Grandpa aren’t there. Cousin Vinnie isn’t there nor is my sister and brother-in-law there..
Family Meal in the Restaurant business is when we (the workers), actually take a break to have a meal. It is different for each establishment. Some do it in shifts, some do it as time allows. We do it at the end of service. THE MOST HORRIBLE WAY!! O_o Just imagine eating Pasta or Rice or Potatoes after 10:00pm.. Talk about packing on the pounds.. sheez

However, beyond that, it’s a wonderful time to unwind. Usually we flip on the Food Network, catch whatever is on. We talk about Service (or on some day “lack of”). Sip on Wine and just find things to laugh about.. Just happy to be sitting and off our feet.

Some Restaurants use items from the day’s service or they allot a certain meal for everyone. In my case, I can simply think it up and I can have.. YEP you got that right – I’m Married to a Chef and he does all the cooking and he still cooks for me.. LOLOL..

Tonight we ate the following:
Top Photo: Chicken Milanese – I didn’t feel for Parmesan (didn’t want cheese or tomato sauce), so he topped with fresh tomato and onions with a side of pasta garlic and oil
Bottom Left Photo: Chicken Parmesan – We don’t serve this in the restaurant but a customer requested it that evening, so Chef made an extra one, so we could sample.
Bottom Right Photo: Grilled Swordfish – Chef himself had this one. OMG! how delish. The funniest thing was listening to him eat.. He couldn’t get over the fact that it was so moist.. I literally laughed out loud.. I said “but hon, you made it. You made it for yourself”.. He said that a lot of the times when swordfish is served, it can be dry.. He truly enjoyed it.

So that’s my story today…