To Market; To Market

To Buy a Fat Pig… Home again Home again… Jiggety Jig

One of our Off-Premise Wedding Clients requested a specialty Wine from a Fingerlake Winery, who happens to be at the Union Square Market down on 14th Street in Manhattan..

FUN FUN!! I love that place.. Yes Yes, there’s food BUT I happen to love it because there’s so much to photograph.. It’s an amazing place for a photowalk..

However, I was here with Chef hubby which meant I get to watch my “grown man child” run around in his version of a toy store. Very Cute!! He kept buzzing from stall to stall like a busy bee. I truly believe he would purchase one of everything if we could’ve carried it..

Thank goodness we took the train. Not only did we have to take a case of wine back with us, we had huge bags of fresh produce.. Customers are in for a treat this weekend in My Kitchen. He’s cooking up some Fall dishes…

As always, thanks for stopping by