Date Night

WooHoo!! Got through Monday evening service. Too tired to go for a drink.. Oh Well, you can’t always get what you hope for.. Sleep just seem the better option.

Today was our Day Off.. or as I like to refer to it on our Facebook Page it’s Thirsty Tuesday Day Off for Chef and I..

It’s supposed to be our “Fun Day” however, most times it ends up being Errand Day.. Laundry, Groceries, Emails etc.. Today was one of those days.. However, we ended our day with an invite to Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn for a Wine Tasting of Italian wines, hosted by Angels Share Wines.. What’s not to love about Wine Tastings – you drink, you eat, you chat, you laugh and you photograph. Oh Yeah, somewhere along the ways you’re supposed to spit.. ewwwwww!

After the tasting, we had dinner at The Good Fork.. A wonderful meal indeed. Met some great people at the other table..

So YEP!! a successful Date Night is possible even when you work in this industry and you’re married to a Chef..