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The largest room in our home is our kitchen. This is where all the guests gather, where all the memories are made. Meals are an event. It’s a food tasting, wine pairing and cooking class all in one, while our family and friends enjoy the best seats at the Chef’s Table.

Together, we have a combined 40 years of experience in the food industry. Chef Joe grew up in an Italian home where life revolved around food. His passion for food eventually led him to study to become a chef and then moved into management. I (Dhanny) grew up in Trinidad and meal time was a family experience. I always loved the service industry and dreamt of owning a Bed and Breakfast. When the opportunity arose for us to work together, it was a perfect fit which produced a solid foodie partnership and marriage.

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Welcome to our family

We will bring that experience to each event, making it a memorable one. We hope to get to know your family from the first date to your first child’s baptism.

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