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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a Funeral but see that you’re closed on Tuesday. Can you host us for lunch?

We can arrange to host your family if we know by noon on Monday, as we need to schedule Staff also.

Are you Handicap accessible?

Yes we are handicap accessible, including access to the patio.

Do you have a Parking Lot?

It is street parking. We do not have a parking lot/garage. We do not offer Valet service.

I see you have a Patio. Do we have access to that area during our Event?

My Kitchen has 3 separate Event Spaces: The Restaurant, The Banquet and The Patio. It is an additional charge to rent the patio space.

Can we have background music?

Yes, you may plug into our system with an IPad/Phone/Laptop and enjoy your playlist.

What are your alcohol packages?

We have a Full Bar, including Wine, Beer and Top Shelf Liquor. We offer different options based upon the Event and budget. Please inquire for more information.

Can we bring our own Food?

We do not rent the Hall on its own. Food and Beverage must be provided by My Kitchen.

One of my Guest is Gluten-Free. Can you offer a Gluten-Free Meal?

Yes. We can do Gluten-Free and Vegan Meals. This will be discussed when we finalize, prior to day of your Event. We can also provide a Halal Menu.

Can we bring in our Own Cake?

Yes, by all means, do bring in your own cake. We will cut and serve at no extra charge.

Are there d├ęcor restrictions?

Funny you should ask… No confetti or tape on the walls.

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