Halloween 2015

I love Halloween!!! After 20 years, Chef came to love Halloween also. haha. I’ve always dressed up and over the years, he’s joined Chef Baby and I only a handful of times. Now that we have the Restaurant on Metropolitan Avenue, it’s exciting to dress up and hand out Candy..

This year we had an Event booked, so we had to work. It was also a Saturday, so we knew the Trick or Treaters would begin early. Since we were working, he had to be in Chef uniform. I thought I’d be some form of food, to go along with his uniform. That didn’t pan out well. LOL.

Eventually, we settled on Collette and Linguini from Ratatouille.. It was such a huge hit, we were quizzing passers by on names. No one got it, they just kept saying Ratatouille.. hehe

Collette and Linguini

We made out Cauldron display again this year and to our delight, we had kids return just to see it. What a wonderful memory it must have been for them. Chef and I were so happy. This year we cooked Spiders and Worms.

Can’t wait for next year 🙂


Dhanny and Chef Joe