Food Restrictions

First and foremost, we do not want to you die! Nor do we want you to choke, break out in a rash or get food poisoning. So we follow rules and regulations set for by the NYS Department of Health and Hygiene aka the Health Department.

That being said, if you have certain food restrictions, you need to SPEAK UP! Do tell, as we are not magicians or mind readers. In some cases, Servers know the item but not necessarily the food preparation. So you need to be upfront “listen, I can’t have eggplant. Do you know if it’s in this dish?” Server will then put you on their radar and hopefully pay special attention (revert to paragraph one).

A woman ordered a Tossed Salad tonight, said “no tomatoes”.  OK great!! – writes up check “tossed salad no tomatoes, repeated it the Chef and walks away. This was her Entrée by the way. She had nothing else. Her friends had Entress.

Brought the Salad over, feel proud “no tomatoes” I proclaimed. She said thanks. I walked away, to get other dishes. Goes over to table, cucumber, olives and onions are on bread plate. So I said in Jest (my mother always said there’s truth in jest). Anyway, I said “so you just wanted lettuce”?, to which she replied: WELL i’m on a special Diet, don’t worry, I’ll just pick it out.

I said ” why didn’t you just say no tomatoes, no cucumbers or whatever”.

Her response: “No problem, I’ll just pick it out”.

Walks away, serves remainder of dishes to table. “What type of dressing is this?”

Me: Balsamic Vinaigrette”. Oh I’m just going to send it back, I can’t have that.

OK NOW HOLD UP!!! all you said was NO TOMATOES, If you have all these issues, why not just ask in D E T A I L about the dish you’re ordering. Ask for dressing on side, Ask for oil and vinegar. SOMETHING!!!

GRRRRR!  (bangs head) – I offered a plain salad, to which she refused.

Thankfully, the entire table had a wonderful time. They were laughing up a storm (hopefully not at me LOL).. Left with the usual kisses to me and said they’ll be back, even the lady 🙂